Eczacıbaşı Group

Founded in 1942, Eczacıbaşı is a prominent Turkish industrial group with 39 companies, over 11,600 employees and a combined net turnover of TL 8.8 billion in 2018.

Eczacıbaşı’s core sectors are building products, consumer products and healthcare. Additionally, the Group is active in information technology, natural resources, and property development. In Turkey, Eczacıbaşı is the leader in most of its businesses with some of the most effective distribution networks in the country for building products, pharmaceuticals, and fast-moving consumer goods. Globally, Eczacıbaşı has established itself among the world’s top providers of bathroom and tiling solutions for homes and commercial venues with its VitrA, Burgbad, Villeroy and Boch (Tiles), and Engers brands. It is also a major exporter of tissue paper, electronic smart cards and industrial raw materials such as clay and feldspar.

International partnership is a central component of the Eczacıbaşı Group’s growth strategy. Eczacıbaşı has three international joint ventures and numerous cooperation agreements with leading international companies. All of these are grounded on the principles of long-term mutual benefit and sustainable business practices.

The Eczacıbaşı Group’s mission is to be a pioneer of modern lifestyles that are healthy, high quality and sustainable. Accordingly, the Group encourages each of its companies to surpass established standards and raise consumer benchmarks of product and service quality. Through sponsorship and responsible corporate practices, it also promotes social and economic development that nurtures cultural and scientific activity, protects the environment and preserves scarce natural resources.

“Eczacıbaşı”, in Turkish, means “chief pharmacist”, an honorary title and surname that was given to the father of the Group’s founder at the turn of the last century in recognition of his continual efforts to improve the health of his community.

We uphold the tradition of serving our community because we esteem our society and respect our environment. We are proud of the contributions that we have made to culture and the arts, education, science and sports.

We recognize that participatory management gives each of us the responsibility of working forcefully towards the objectives and goals of our institution. We are careful to observe the rules of our work environment as we understand that this reflects our respect for our colleagues.

İŞ REIT - İş Real Estate Investment Trust

İş REIT leads the real estate market in Turkey, with an eye on the strenghtening and growth of the market with a corporate identity that is synonymous with experience, financial strength, and esteem. With a diversified portfolio containing many of Turkey's top properties, the Company goes ahead in accordance with its aim and enhances its portfolio value with its well-placed investments and projects like inspiring Kanyon Project; pursues the growth potential in the real estate market and sector’s demands in order to create value for the sector.

"With Kanyon’s residences, offices and shopping center we created a complete and colorful world always alive with social and cultural activities that successfully integrates with its environment and society. As a result of our project partnership with Eczacıbaşı Group, Kanyon defines a new category of development not just the first of its kind in Turkey, but in the world."

The Jerde Partnership International Los Angeles

The Jerde Partnership is a visionary architecture and urban planning firm that designs unique places that deliver memorable experiences and attract millions of people everyday. Nearly 800 million people visit Jerde-designed places every year.

"People always remember the places they’ve had a great time. More importantly, they want to return there again and again. At Jerde Partnership, we strive to create unique places where people can have unforgettable experiences and awaken such positive feelings daily. With Kanyon we believe we’ve achieved just that."

Tabanlıoğlu Architecture

Tabanlıoğlu renders services in architectural design, counselling, urban planning, and interior design, in national and worldwide scale. Quality and corporate approach are the main principles of Tabanlıoğlu. With this approach, in 1998, Tabanlıoğlu became the first Turkish architecture company to get the ISO 9001 certificate.

"I think Kanyon’s most striking and powerful characteristic is that it carries the pleasure of street-shopping to new heights of comfort, modernity and prestige in an open-air setting. What makes all the difference at Kanyon is that it unites business, shopping and entertainment in an original, street-like atmosphere."


Arup is a a global design and business consulting firm. Outstanding solutions, innovation and value characterise Arup's work. As professional consultants Arup has a vast pool of technical expertise across the world, enabling them to achieve the best possible results for their clients. Arup acted as a prime agent at Kanyon, responsible for engineering and project management, for the design of this mixed development that features a dramatic "Kanyon" flowing through the complex to create a new shopping experience.

"The finest engineering experience and knowledge has been employed in this project. We are certain that this work of art, created with great care and effort, will earn a distinguished standing and be appreciated on a global scale. We are both proud and pleased to be part of Kanyon."

Sevil Peach

Sevil Peach, who has been working together with Brigitte Weber on the interior design concept of the Kanyon residences, aims to create an open concept, based on the idea of creating a living area where dreams meet reality. The idea is to free the living space from all unnecessary barriers, including walls and doors, resulting in a spacious and warmer interior.

"Kanyon is a special place where people can feel free, safe and refreshed. Just like the general structure of Kanyon, the interior design of the residences features smart, and at the same time comfortable, functional details. This world, and the inner space we designed, brings colour and diversity to life."

Brigitte Weber

Brigitte Weber, who has been working together with Sevil Peach on the Interior Design concept of the Kanyon residences, adheres to the Bauhaus school which follows the motto that "If there is no functionality, esthetics and decoration lose their meanings. "This design concept frees kitchens and bathrooms from being merely isolated sections of a house, and makes them indispensable and integrated parts of a home.

"Kanyon has very dramatic architecture. It was my primary source of inspiration while working on the interior decoration. An aesthetically pleasing and magnificent building it is embraced by greenery and natural forms, terraces and gardens, located in the heart of the city. We designed Kanyon’s residences using colours found in nature and natural materials. Our interiors aspire to the creation of a world where people feel independent and special without abandoning the urban concept."


30,000 m2 office space
1,167 m2 floorplates 26 floors

Flexibility for the ever changing needs of today’s offices: Modular office systems, transparent glazing, advanced technical infrastructure, fresh air circulation, energy–efficient design, easy access to nearby highways and direct underground connection, synergy of work and play - cafes, restaurants, bars, fitness club.


Balanced living - comfort and function combined: A unique architectural design with private gardens, balconies and terraces, state-of-the-art home automation systems, fully opening windows, contemporary details designed by interior architects Sevil Peach and Brigitte Weber.

Shopping Center

  • 40.000 m2
  • 121 stores, 22 kiosks and 27 restaurants in 6 floor
  • 9 screen cinema
  • Fitness center
  • 2.300 car carpark capacity

Top local and global brands, gourmet restaurants, cafes, and open air performances are set in an atmosphere alive with light, sight and sound. Anchored by world-famous fashion retailer Harvey Nichols, and dozens of trendsetting, prestigious brands all introduced to the Turkish market for the first time, it is the height of style and breadth of selection the marketplace has long desired.
Best global and local brands, coolest restaurants are all waiting for you between 10:00 am and 10:00 pm. Some restaurants and cafes at Kanyon are also open for early breakfasts and late dinners.

kanyon resim
kanyon resim